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Our Story

Our Story

Your Outdoor Kitchen is your home away from home. It has to be Epic! Its our escape. It has to be an extention of our imagination. It has to be perfect! After all, its were we enjoy life with friends and family.

We Started Epic Outdoor Kitchens in a pursuit of a paradise. Our #1 goal though was the grill. 

We sought out the best in craftsmanship, the best warranties, manufactures with the best customer service, and be made in the good ol' USA! On top of that, the grills sold by EPIC Outdoor Kitchens, have to look sexy and grill Like no other.

We had a client explain it like this...

Imagine going to the Daytona 500 and getting to be in the passenger seat with Jeff Gordon... and Winning! That's how I feel everyday now. We have so much fun. The food is so good.